Among the treasures, the Huangyuan blue and white porcelain of porcelain, the blue and white national treasures in major museums

When it comes to porcelain, everyone has their favorite porcelain varieties. Some people like color glaze, some like famille rose, some like enamel, some like Linglong porcelain, and Yuzhai Jun’s favorite is blue and white porcelain and color glaze. The reason why I like color glaze is because of its natural color and classic and beautiful shape. This… Read More »

What is the value of antique porcelain? The auction value is so high!

The so-called antique porcelain is an imitation of a certain product in the past, and its imitation quality pursues lifelike quality. Compared with the original product, it can reach the shape of the instrument. The tire, glaze and material are similar, and the decorative picture and the base can also be vivid. Just as Tang Ying, the famous pottery… Read More »

Appreciation of Antique Ceramics from the Qianlong Period of Qing Dynasty in the Collection of the Forbidden City (1)

Pay attention to the headline “Pinci China” and learn different ceramic knowledge! ~Like favorites forward comments The porcelain-making technology of the Qing Dynasty kept improving, and the antique style prevailed. By the Qianlong period, the porcelain antique technology had reached the level of free and easy use. The varieties of antique porcelain at this time were all-encompassing, mainly including the… Read More »

The Prosperity of Antique Porcelain in the Early Republic of China

Antiques became popular during the Republic of China, which was one of the peaks in the history of Chinese antique porcelain. Famous kiln porcelains of various kilns in the past dynasties were imitated in the Republic of China, ranging from Eastern Han celadon to Qing Dynasty enamel and famille rose. Commonly seen are celadon imitating the Three Kingdoms, Jin Dynasty,… Read More »

Appreciation of Ming and Qing Antique Porcelain

When it comes to “antique”, many people will equate it with fraud and deceit. In fact, in our ancient Chinese ceramics, there are many works from later dynasties imitating the previous dynasties, which are professionally called “antique porcelain”. “Antique porcelain” must only flourish in the peaceful and heyday, when the economy and culture are developed, especially when the collection… Read More »